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SC SSB Net Announcements

Winlink Info:

This is a reminder for this week’s SC Winlink Tuesday.  Please be thinking about SC Winlink Tuesday activities you have planned for tomorrow.
 That could be as simple as sending a Winlink Telnet message. Of course, if you can send the message with your radio, that is encouraged.

Why do we practice Winlink on Tuesdays?
We use Tuesdays to practice and sharpen our Winlink knowledge and skills. Regular practice when things are calm prepares us for
those situations when we are called upon to respond to a real-deal (sometimes more stressful) loss of communications event.

You may certainly add an ICS-213 General Message form (or any of the other available forms) by using "Select Template" from the Winlink message menu bar.
Having experience with attaching forms (templates) may come in handy in time of need. You can practice adding forms even using Telnet..

Here’s a link to a Google sheet any user can update and use as a reference to know who is available and when:
Please feel free to add your Callsign and edit the spreadsheet to reflect your availability.
Results from last week, Tuesday, 7.16.24 are in a PDF you can find HERE.

Results for the previous Tuesday are posted on this webpage sometime Wednesday afternoon:
As a reminder, to be included in the summary and the map, please include this email address in the Cc: distribution of your Winlink email messages.
Additional information about Winlink is available here: Scroll down and find the section labeled "Winlink – All about Winlink"

A email with a generated message from a Leadership role is shown HERE

73,  Mark,  KN4KRZ

If you need anything added contact the WEBMASTER

July 23, 2024